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Career Guidance after 12th: What to do after class 12th

Career Guidance after 12th: What to do after class 12th

Board exams are around the corner and along with the added pressure of doing well in those exams, every student has that one question in mind: What’s next?

For those of you who are in class twelfth, everybody is telling you that NOW is the time. The choices that you make NOW are the ones that are going to shape your future. NOW is the most important time to choose a career and plan your whole life ahead.

Let us dispel those thoughts, shall we?

First of all, the choice that you make now is not going to determine your whole future. Every day you will make a small choice that would help you create a better future for yourself.

How to choose a career?

This is by no means an easy question. Choosing a career is a dynamic process. Unlike the prevalent idea that one decision can shape your life in a rigid manner, choosing a career path is an ever-changing event. A close friend started out with the dream of becoming a doctor and a dancer at a young age, then harbored the want to become an IAS officer, chose the humanities stream for 10+2 and today dreams of working as a Lawyer.

There are many tales, of engineers who left their jobs to start their own ventures, students studying Social Sciences going into Performing Arts and Creative Writing, Medical Professionals once working to become a surgeon choosing to go into the Army to serve their country and work in a way which suited them. Homemakers have started their own ventures in their late 70’s and 80’s, by selling their crafts in this digital world.

The last example may feel a bit out of place. Rest assured, it is not a tale to push you to not do anything but rather an inspirational tale to assure you that anything can happen at any time. Though the mentions are of the popular career, the world is certainly not limited to so. There are hundreds of options to choose from and to work in.

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Before we delve into the madness of different streams and the career options that come along with them, it is important to understand how a person can choose a career. This is a serious matter, as not only is a student looking at prospective colleges and exams but also means of a livelihood in the future. While some change their professions in future years, it is not the norm.

Contemplate Future plans

What is it that you are aiming for? Work experience? To earn well? To reach a higher position? Is it to be a temporary job for a bigger dream or do you want to climb up the ladder within your company? There are some of the questions that a student needs to ask before applying for any job or going into a stream of study. It is okay if you do not have all the answers at once. The plans might change in the future, but a basic idea is necessary to move forward.

Look at the prerequisites

Some qualifications are expensive to obtain, while others require time. It is important to understand if you will be able to dedicate either of those when it comes to your job. It is also important to weigh down the competition in a field. For example, only 40% of the total Engineers are employed after years of vigorous studies. It is important to weigh down those odds before making a decision. To learn more about unemployment for engineers, check out our previous blog.

Understand the job demand

What is the skill demand in the job? Many job profiles come with their skill-set. Your study stream will be important when you apply for that job, but there will be a demand for more. While some jobs focus heavier on technical skills, others look at the soft skills you possess. Have a look at our previous blog to understand the difference between the two.

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Career Options

The question often asked is: What are the best courses after 12th? There is no singular best option out in the field. There are multiple jobs and careers that offer a very good future. Let us have a look at some of them.

After 12th Science

Physics, Chemistry, and Maths (PCM)

Often, the first option that comes up when dealing with PCM is Engineering. While a background in Maths and Physics is necessary, the new guidelines by AICTE indicate that PCM might not be absolutely necessary. On further probing, it can be understood that engineering holds a wide expanse of job opportunities. For those interested in Aeronautics, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineers are good job opportunities. Furthermore, there is a rise in demand for Air Traffic Control Officer.

In case students have an interest in studio development and broadcasting departments of any kind of media outlets, Sound Recording and Broadcasting Engineers are in constant demand.

There are many job opportunities for Engineers. However, there are more options than that. For example, the job of a Mobile App Developer requires good knowledge of all three subjects.


Astronomy, Meteorology, oceanography and palaeontology are some of the streams which require deep knowledge fo physics to move further. If someone has a deep interest in theoretical physics and want to further do research in the field, they can study to become a physicist. Along with these, there is a need for knowledge of Physics in the India Armed Services, especially in Air Force Officer and Naval officers. Students can also look out for jobs as Pilot, Merchant Navy Officer and Coast Guard.


Biomedical Engineering, which focuses on bettering the medical field of India is one of the up and rising career paths in this country. There is a demand for Biochemists, especially in these tiring times, along with Chemical Engineering.


It is an important subject for many jobs, including Architecture. Analytical jobs like Business Analyst, Actuary and Credit Analyst require good mathematical and logical knowledge. Investments Bankers and Bankers, in general, are expected to be well versed with the ways of the numbers. An up and coming job is that of a Banking Ombudsman in the Reserve Bank of India. If we were to push this further, maths is an integral part if someone wants to pursue a career in Game Development as well as Cinematography.

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Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB)

The first job profile that comes to mind is Medical. However, medicine is an ever-expansive field with multiple job profiles. Doctors and Nurses form the main structure, but there are specialities for students such as Dentistry and Surgery.

However, that is certainly not all. There is a rising demand for Physiotherapists in different departments, along with Biotechnologists. As the focus is shifting towards therapy, Psychiatry becomes an important job opportunity. There is also a growing focus on Speech therapy. Dieticians as well are in high demand.


There is a good chance that many Biology students do not want to pursue a future in the medical sciences. That is entirely fine. With the recent shift in the world, Horticulturists are being greatly valued for food productions. Biologists and Botanists are constantly sought out. In the investigative field, there is a need for a Forensic Scientist. Along with that, Geneticist is engaged in research and so are Geologists. If students want to become Forest officer, knowledge of Biology is necessary.

Computer Science

If your area of interest is specifically computers, there are a range of jobs there. App Developers and Coders are always looked for. Furthermore, Ethical Hackers are often employed by companies to protect their firewalls.

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Courses after 12th Commerce

There is a high demand for workers on the business side of things. Along with the demand for Charted Accountants, there is also a high demand for other kinds of jobs. Company Secretaries and Financial planners are responsible for the smooth sailing of any enterprise. The promotion of the brand depends upon Media or Brand Planners. Business Process Outsourcing and their associates too are in great demand.

However, if that is not your cup of tea, students can look into Analytical areas like Credit and Equity Analysis. Once again, Banking jobs, especially that of Investment Banker are always open to students, along with the newly emerging field of Banking Ombudsman. Students can also look at becoming Consultants in different fields.

Those who have a keener mind and want to study Economics as their sole focus can look to becoming Economists. Those who want to study the ups and down of the Stock market can hope for a future as a Stock Broker.

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Options after 12th Humanities/ Arts

There is no lack of options after studying Humanities and Arts in Standard 12. If students are interested in understanding the working for the mind, the field of a psychologist is rather interesting. For those interested in applying for government services, IAS, Indian Foreign Services and Border Security Forces, along with the Army recruit regularly. Those more athletic in nature can look for a job as Sports players, Aerobic Instructors and Umpires. One can always look forward to starting a new venture and don the cap of an Entrepreneur. There are further many jobs in Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Creative Writing and Handicrafts.


There are a number of jobs within this subject. Those interested in particular time periods can choose to become a Historian or an Archaeologist accordingly. Furthermore, if someone has an interest in museums and want to work in places like that, they can think of a job as a Curator or museologist.


There is a group of people who are dedicated to studying human beings. Sociology and Anthropology offer many good opportunities in the future. If someone wants to work at a more social level, they can look for a job as a Social worker.


There is no lack of work in the management department. Each company requires a manager for its different divisions. Be it Digital Marketing or Sales, managerial posts are very important. Furthermore, there is a demand for Hotel management and Health or Hospital management staff continuously.


Law in India comes with an interesting package of doing not only a simple degree but integrated courses such as BA LLB, B.Com LLB and BBA LLB. Along with these options which offer an interdisciplinary approach, there is a demand for Corporate, Criminal and Cyber Lawyers.


Designing does not need to be of one sort. For those into technological work, Web Designing, Mobile App Designing and Graphic Designing are very good ideas. There is also a huge market for Automotive Designers. In the physical world, Fashion designers with a focus on different materials are always appreciated.

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Written By:- Amber Keshari, Shubhr Aakriti

Edited By:- Ashutosh Dhar Dwivedi, Zeya Ullah Saif

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