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Communication Skill is key to success | Be Ready to Grow

Communication Skill is key to success | Be Ready to Grow

What are communication skills?

Communication is not just about talking. It is about expressing yourself, about letting the message get across. In every job sector, it is necessary for a person to be able to express themselves clearly and in a positive manner. Not only does this boost someone’s chances of climbing higher, but it also leaves behind a memorable impression. 

So communication skills are the ones that allow a person to communicate effectively. It is about transferring information. It does not need to be verbal or written- a mistake many people make- communication can have non-verbal and behavioral cues as well. Communication skill is an amalgamation of all of this.

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Why is it important?

No matter what the skill set or the job description a company is looking for- it comes down to the fact of how well a potential employee is able to express themselves. Interviews are about looking at an individual’s communication skills; how well they speak, how they present themselves, and whether or not they are able to get the message across.

In any work environment, communication is the key. Be it about boosting the sales, or passing on the information from the boss to a worker. 

It is not just limited to the workplace either. Communication is one of those key skills that are necessary for a person’s day-to-day life. While buying groceries, or hiring a help-hand. It all comes down to how an individual expresses themselves.

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Benefits of Communication

Better chances

If a person is able to communicate effectively, there is always a greeted chance of them succeeding. In any arena of life, be it professional or personal, communication becomes the steering wheel. By expressing oneself clearly, the individual increases the chance of them being chosen. 

Manage interactions

Everything is achieved by talking, either verbally or non-verbally. Be it getting the monthly groceries or getting that project across at the office. Hence, being able to communicate allows a person to express the idea and manage their lives.  

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Problem Solving

Unless you talk about it, you can’t solve it. No problem is unsolvable, but with communication, everything is easier. People can be surprised how much can be solved by merely talking and getting the information across.


The spoken and written word let the information across and as a result, the work gets down. The word goes from one to another and there is a consistency that goes across. 


Communication makes work effective. Work cannot be delegated unless it is communicated. The more the work is communicated effectively, the better it can be done. Teamwork, skill set, and determination all can fall short if the work is not communicated properly. 

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How to Develop the skills

Verbal Communication

It’s about organizing your thoughts before speaking out. Think of the perfect words that would get the message across. Before responding, listen. Think back to what information you want to get across. Take note of the vocal tone. Where does it need to be said with confidence, where it needs to be said with a soft tone. Verbal communication is about having a clear concept of what you want to say and getting it across to the best of your understanding.

Written Communication

To write a perfect reply, you need to know your words. Read up your basics and work towards writing a formal letter which can always help in putting across the information in the best manner. The more you have to write, the more you read. Nothing improves the writing skills more than reading.


To communicate, you first need to learn how to listen. Pay attention to the information you have been given. Keep an open mind when you are listening. Do not formulate your reply, written or verbal, until you have gathered all the information. Ask questions after you are done listening. Before communicating, make sure you know what you are responding to.


Confidence is the key. Maintain eye contact. The practice is what builds your confidence. Keep writing, keep speaking. If there’s something you want to pose as a question, pose it as a question. If you have a statement, do not change it into anything else. Use your body and your eyes. Always be humble while getting the message across. 


It is not just about making PowerPoint presentations. In communication, the presentation is about how you move your hands, how you speak, and what words you use. Avoid phrases like “I mean” and “you know”. Be articulate and smart. Everything from the words that you use to the clothes you wear gives an idea to a recruiter what sort of things you can offer them.

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Written By:- Amber Keshari, Shubhr Aakriti

Edited By:- Ashutosh Dhar Dwivedi, Zeya Ullah Saif

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      Interesting blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A theme like yours with a few simple tweeks would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Thanks|

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