Find the Why in You- Topmost Guidance What to Do in Career | Blog-Career Kites

Find the Why in You- Topmost Guidance What to Do in Career | Blog-Career Kites

Tired of college boring, impractical and Irrelevant lectures, worried about career, feeling insecure About a job. Don’t worry, Career Kites will help you to overcome all these challenges by Familiarizing you with industry working and guiding you with all the skill sets required to land your dream job in your dream company & secure your future. Through Career Kites blogs, you will get all the insights of the Technical world & information regarding various ups and downs in the market.

Career Kites is a platform which share some unique tips & tricks to crack group discussion & interview rounds of trending jobs of MNCs & many more other things required to shine bright in a professional world such as effective Resume Building, Active LinkedIn accounts with worthy connections, MS-office, use of mail merge, Business Communication, etc. You will get updates of various trending job notifications regularly & step by step guide to apply for it as well as the interview from various companies will be scheduled for Career Kites members.

Career Kites

Career Kites works with the objective to bridge the gap between the education curriculum provided by various private colleges and the needs & demands of industries. Actually, the syllabus and the way of teaching in colleges are both outdated, inefficient & below the Industry standards & as a result, the graduates produced every year are less skilled & not fit for the job. Students’ technical skills, soft skills, behavior, attitude, and understanding are all below average which leads to unemployment in society & possessing a negative impact on our society. It has been proven through various research that around 70-75% of Indian graduates are unskilled & won’t fit for the jobs. You have the potential & learning attitude but the thing you lack is proper mentorship & guidance & the right understanding of the industry’s needs & the latest Technologies. Many of them don’t even make one’s final projects by own & just copy-paste them from somewhere else which hampers precious time, effort, and obviously, a lot of hard-earned money of your parents & overburden with tremendous pressure and negative thoughts.

The Mission of Career Kites is to revolutionize the way of learning & education sector by enriching students with all the required skills needed in a professional world through 6 weeks online/offline training programs at a very affordable price that can be accessible to students of every sector of the society so that not even single student is deprived of study & hence boosting employability across the nation. For achieving this motto, Career Kites has well-qualified Industry expert trainers, members, and a 6 weeks detailed roadmap full of excitement, enthusiasm, satisfaction & security who help you to achieve great heights in life. The objective here is to encourage and inspire you to fully develop your skills and understand your potential and make full use of it to achieve what you desire in life & taste success.

If you desire to be a part of a life-changing program & willing to transform your career & reach the top, then enroll in our 6 weeks skill-building program.

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Written By:- Amber Keshari, Shubhr Aakriti

Edited By:- Ashutosh Dhar Dwivedi, Zeya Ullah Saif

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