How to Crack the Interview in less time| 7 Best Tips and Tricks

How to Crack the Interview in less time| 7 Best Tips and Tricks

AnxietyfeverstomachacheLoss of Appetite, etc. Don’t worry you have read the heading right & we are not talking about diseases. Actually, these are some symptoms that you come across during your job interviews especially when you don’t have proper practice & you have a lack of knowledge of the Interview environment. According to research, approx. 45-55% of students suffer from Interview fear. At the same time, candidates who overcome the fear of interviews & who are aware of the environment, have a very high probability of being successful. 

Don’t worry Career Kites will give you some best tips & tricks to crack job interviews, especially the HR round, the final but the most crucial round that decides your career.

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#Tip 1.  Research the Company

Before appearing for the interview, make a thorough research of the company, Its mission, vision, motto, work-environment, founder, and projects because there is a high probability of 1-2 questions from this. And it will show your dedication and willingness for the job role.

#Tip 2. Overcome the fear of rejection/failure

Just be confident and have a positive attitude in your mind and go with the mindset of learning & gaining experience and don’t think much about the result because if you focus on the process & everything goes fine then the result will automatically go in your favor. And if you are not selected then analyze your flaws, work on them & crack your next interview.

#Tip 3. Understand the job role/position properly 

Go through all the details & skills required for the job role. Take help of Google, YouTube, and another medium to acquire brief knowledge about the position & some frequently asked Q&A related to it. Make sure you have all the required skills & certificates needed for the eligibility of the job post before appearing for the interview.

#Tip 4. Prepare Your Portfolio

Preparing one portfolio is of the utmost importance when preparing for an interview, investing in a good quality binder to hold copies of your resume, references, awards, list of questions, and notepad are going to be well worth the money. Although in most cases, an employer will have already got a duplicate for your information, it’ll show them you’re an organized individual once you come prepared to provide it. Make sure that you’ve got each document in a file in an organized manner so you’ll quickly reference it during your conversation. Otherwise, it’s going to cause you to become a touch nervous once you are fumbling through your portfolio to extract the required documents.

#Tip 5. Dress to impress

No matter what the position is that you simply are applying for or what the corporate culture is, dressing professionally is important. Aside from the unlikelihood that the employer specifies otherwise, a business professional outfit is acceptable in almost every situation. Remember of strong cologne, perfumes, deodorant, and other smells. Any such product should be used sparingly on not distract the interviewer. Details are important so confirm your  

Shoes are dirt-free and glossy and your clothes are ironed and laundered.

#Tip 6. Rehearse!!!

There are many sources on the web that you simply can find in reference to what quite inquiries to expect and samples of answers to offer (including our site). It’s important to review these questions and skills you’ll answer many of them. Another useful gizmo is to role-play an interview. While many of us may feel uncomfortable pretending to be at an interview, this will make the important thing an entire lot easier. Have a loved one, friend, or someone you’re comfortable with to practice with. It’s important to not only practice the question and answer portion but to incorporate the introduction and ending also.

#Tip 7. Get directions and plan your Route

If your interview is during peak traffic hours, make certain you intend to depart your house accordingly. It’s nerve-racking to be stuck in traffic or an accident that causes you to be late for an interview. An honest rule of thumb is to plan your arrival ten minutes before the interview.  You ought to search directions via Google maps or MapQuest, especially if you’re unacquainted with the route. If the interview location may be a bit tricky to seek out, don’t hesitate to ask and write down directions during your conversation together with your potential employer before the interview.

How Career Kites help you to crack HR interviews??

We at Career Kites conduct pseudo interviews with a panel of Industry experts regularly to make you familiar with the environment & also highlight your strength & weakness & how to tackle them through our 6 weeks training/learning program.

So, don’t think too much, just enroll in our 6 weeks training program & make your career bright & secure.

Hopefully, we have covered all the important points required to crack an HR interview & help you land your dream job. If you have any other relevant points, you are most welcome to add them by commenting down in the comment section.

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Written By:- Amber Keshari, Shubhr Aakriti

Edited By:- Ashutosh Dhar Dwivedi, Zeya Ullah Saif

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